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Axis 214 day/night Network IP PTZ Camera
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AXIS 212 PTZ Network IP Camera
Full overview and instant zoom - yet no moving parts

Conventional PTZ cameras allow the user to pan, tilt and zoom, but not to see the whole video scene - just one portion at a time. The Axis 212 PTZ gives the user the whole picture, and then allows instant pan/tilt/zoom to get the details.

The dotted lines show the limited area covered by conventional PTZ cameras. If the man on the left were shoplifting, he would be out of view. The AXIS 212 PTZ lets you view the entire monitored area. There are no hidden areas.

Instant pan/tilt/zoom
The 3x zoom provides instant, one-click optical zoom functionality. Consequently, from the overview image, a security officer can zoom in 3 times on any suspicious behaviour by just clicking on the part of the image where its happening. No other PTZ camera can zoom in instantly on off-centred action. And since there is no movement in the lens system, the camera instantly changes the field of view. Its this simple:
  • Overview of the whole scene in perfect image quality
  • Pan, tilt and zoom with one click
  • Follow a visitor with one click
  • Return to overview with one click
Whether in overview or fully zoomed in, you get perfect image quality in VGA resolution. Zooming - the instant, one-click, 3x zoom - does not decrease the image quality. Edges do not become jagged. More importantly, when you zoom in on suspicious behaviour, you increase your chances of being able to identify what is happening and who is involved.

No moving parts
The Axis 212 PTZ achieves full overview as well as instant pan/tilt/zoom without any moving parts, which means no wear and tear. This unique feature is based on two determining factors:

  • A wide-angle lens combined with a 3 mega pixel sensor
  • Utilization of the full "windowing" possibilities: the camera captures predetermined sections of the overview without mechanical motion
  • No noise - thus making the camera more discrete
  • No way to tell which way the camera is looking
  • No delay for mechanical movement - enabling instant pan/tilt/zoom and no time lag in the images

Resolution - Sharp and maintained
By having a full overview of 140 (pan), the Axis 212 PTZ wastes no pixels. This means that the full image sensor can be used for image quality purposes - and the difference is astonishing.

180/360 degree cameras cover a bigger area, but at the expense of spreading the amount of available pixels (resolution) over areas that are often of no interest. With the Axis 212 PTZ, you see everything you need to see, and the image is sharper.

Superior Image Quality
The Axis 212 PTZ offers progressive scan and advanced signal processing based on a 3-mega-pixel CMOS sensor.

Over sampling
Over sampling is a technology that uses the advantages of a high-resolution sensor (2048x1536 pixels) in its full format. This means that, whether in full overview mode or when zooming in, full 1:1 VGA resolution of 640x480 pixels is maintained - resulting in a brighter image, more detail and higher contrast.

When you zoom in 3 times, you obtain normal VGA 1:1 resolution

Bandwidth saver
The Axis 212 PTZ is able to efficiently "window" a specific portion of the 3-mega-pixel sensor grid. In doing so, the camera filters out unnecessary information that offloads your network and storage capacity, and lets you capture a well defined "image concentrate".

Resolution Bandwidth Storage
VGA 2.4 MBits/sec 4 GByte/day
3-mega-pixel 24 MBits/sec 40 GByte/day
Example based on Motion JPEG compression. File size of 30 vs 300 kB. Frame rate for viewing 10 fps, storage 6 fps. Motion detection set at 25%.
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