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Smaller, lighter and more efficient, this high-power illumination system can be used for scenes up to 250m (820ft).
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Achievable ranges for different infrared illuminators.
The visible range extends from approximately 400 nanometres (violet) to 700 nanometres (red).
The "Lateral Distributions" of the beam patterns for Derwent Halogen Illuminators.
Throughout history people have been exposed to high levels of infrared radiation.
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Derwent Uniflood 500
The Uniflood 500 is the high power solution to night time illumination for CCTV schemes.

Smaller, lighter and more efficient, this high-power illumination system can be used for scenes up to 250m (820ft).

High efficiency infrared radiation is achieved with gold optics and a matched quartz halogen bulb source to reduce power consumption and prolong average bulb life. can provide replacement bulbs for the Uniflood 500, available from stock, for next day delivery.

Derwent Uniflood 500 - Features
    Maximum range, 250m (820ft) Cosec2 even illumination Radiated output, 500W Range of beam patterns with narrow or wide cosec even-illumination lenses and conventional spot and flood Overt filters (730nm) and semi-covert (830nm) as standard. Covert (950nm) or colour balanced filters as options Small robust construction with toughened lens Low power consumption (220W), low running costs Low voltage at camera head (nominal 28V) Long bulb life (average 3,000 hours) One year bulb warrenty Supplied with 4m lead Dimensions; 212mm x 134.5mm x 130mm Weight, 1.9kg
Infrared Off Infrared On (Zoom)
* Note
For a reference guide to achievable distances, please refer to the Achievable Distance for a tabular representation or to Achievable Distance Graphical for a graphical representation.

[nm = namometer wavelength]

Derwent Uniflood 500 - PSU Specification
  • Single (PSU5SS), or twin (PSU5ST) lamp supplies
  • Mains supply; 230V, 50Hz (protected by a 2A slow blow fuse)
  • Output; nomimal 28V adjustable by internal taps (PSU5SS ~ 220VA, PSU5ST ~ 420VA)
  • Photocell; automatic dawn/dusk switching
  • Remote Control; on/off volt-free contact switching from telimetry system
  • Auxliiary Output; 12V DC (to operate cameras, PIR's ect)
  • Dimensions; 250mm x 160mm x 95mm
  • Weight; PSU5SS 3.4kg, PSU5ST 4.2kg
[Find out more...] Uniflood 500 "Technical Specifications".

[Find out more...] Uniflood 500 "Technical Data Sheet", 1.356 MB pdf file.

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Derwent Uniflood 500 - Achievable Distance
Uniflood 500, 730nm (Semi-Covert)
Part Code Achievable Distance HFOV VFOV
UF500/06/730 250m (820ft) 15m (49ft) 15m (49ft)
UF500/10/730 210m (690ft) 25m (82ft) 12m (39ft)
UF500/30/730 160m (525ft) 54m (177ft) 9m (30ft)
UF500/60/730 100m (330ft) 35m (115ft) 35m (115ft)

The achievable distance is dependant upon the infrared characteristics of the camera, CCD and lens.
Uniflood 500 Infrared
Part Code Description
UF500/06/730 6 degree spot, 730nm Filter
UF500/10/730 10 degree cosec2 lens, 730nm Filter
UF500/30/730 30 degree cosec2 lens, 730nm Filter
UF500/60/730 60 degree flood lens, 730nm Filter
UF500/06/830 6 degree spot, 830nm Filter
UF500/10/830 10 degree cosec2 lens, 830nm Filter
UF500/30/830 30 degree cosec2 lens, 830nm Filter
UF500/60/830 60 degree flood lens, 830nm Filter
UF500/06/950 6 degree spot, 950nm Filter
UF500/10/950 10 degree cosec2 lens, 950nm Filter
UF500/30/950 30 degree cosec2 lens, 950nm Filter
UF500/60/950 60 degree flood lens, 950nm Filter
PSU5SS Single Power Supply
PSU5ST Twin Power Supply
UNIPF Replacement Bulb
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