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The proceedure to follow when replacing the Lens, Filter or Lens/Filter Assembly of The Bosch Derwent Uniflood 500/300.
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Lens/Filter Replacement
Please ensure the following procedure is adhered to when replacing the Lens, Filter or Lens/Filter Assembly.

1. This operation should be carried out in clean dry conditions, ideally indoors by competent personnel.

2. Allow lamp to cool. Remove existing lens filter assembly carefully by loosening the four facia screws.

NOTE: Do not fully unscrew one then another. Try to loosen one slightly then the next and return to each screw 2 or 3 times. This will prevent stress build up on the glass.

3. Lift off front casting and remove Lens/Filter/Gasket assembly, taking care not to touch the filter.

4. If only the lens is to be replaced, remove the filter and black gasket assembly from the Lens, taking care to not touch the filter. Remove the orange O-ring from the existing Lens and affix to the new Lens then replace the Lens back onto the Black gasket (with Filter).

5. Ensure that there is no debris in the lamp and that the front edge of the lamp body is clean.

6. Ensure that the breather tube is still fitted to the bottom corner of the lens/filter gasket (see below) and that this sits within the housing.

7. Locate the new Lens/Filter assembly centrally on the front edge of the main body. Ensure that the orange O-ring is correctly located on the front of the Lens.

8. Re-locate the Front casting over the Lens/Filter and fasten down using the four Self-tapping screws (No. 8 x 5/8). Again ensure that they are tightened down in turn by a small amount, returning to each screw 2 or 3 times so as not to cause stress in any one corner.

NOTE: For Uniflood 500 units with a Serial No. greater than 15400 tighten down fully.

For Uniflood 300 units with a Serial No. greater than 8400 tighten down fully.

For the respective units with serial numbers less than the above stated numbers please ensure that an even gap of about 3mm is left between the Front casting and the Lamp body.

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