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Mach5 Analyser is a 'web traffic analysis tool'. It analyses the log files produced by web servers and produces valuable sales, marketing, and technical data
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Speed Comparison

Mach 5 Analyser ( FastStats is a high-performance web traffic analysis solution, optimised to deal with the massive log files generated by busy modern web sites.
Product Name Analysis Time Speed
WebTrends Small Business Edition 7.1b 5 minutes, 10 seconds 26 MB/min
ClickTracks 5.5.6 1 minute, 23 seconds 97 MB/min
AWStats 6.4 Build 1.814 45.20 seconds 179 MB/min
FastStats 4.1.5 8.04 seconds 1,011 MB/min

Test Details

All tests were performed on Windows XP on a dual processor Xeon 2.4 GHz HT machine with 1.5 GB of RAM. Each test was performed three times, and the results averaged. The log file in question was 142,096,514 bytes in length (135.5 MB) and contained a total of 229,503 records. The benchmark log file is an unaltered, unedited copy of Mach5 Development's web logs on April 23, 2005, and can be made available for 3rd party analysis and review upon request.
  • ClickTracks. Performance testing was performed on ClickTracks 5.5.6. The project was created and executed with the default settings.
  • WebTrends. Performance testing was performed on WebTrends Small Business Edition 7.1b. The tests used a restrictive set of options to ensure maximum speed: HTML page title were turned off, DNS resolution was turned off, and analysis throttling was turned off. The entire analysis process took 13 minutes and 25 seconds, but only included the actual log file parsing time.
Mach 5 Analyser (

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