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Mach5 Analyser is a 'web traffic analysis tool'. It analyses the log files produced by web servers and produces valuable sales, marketing, and technical data
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Report Listing

Mach 5 Analyser ( Mach5 Analyser organises information into five main sections accessed through a hierarchical “Report Listing” panel running down the left of the screen.
HyperLink TreeView

Mach 5 Analyser ( “Hyperlink ThreeView” is unique to Mach5 Analyser and shows the benefits of a “live data” approach over direct output to HTML. It is possible to graphically view the aggregated traffic flow across your site, showing which pages led through to the currently selected target page and which child pages they left it for, along with the percentages of total traffic in each case. Click on any parent or child page, or type a page name into the “TreeView Toolbar”, and this becomes the new target page and display and percentages update accordingly.
Visitor Information

Mach 5 Analyser ( Mach5 Analyser uses Smart DNS (Domain Name System) lookup and caching to resolve domain names from the numerical IP address. It also uses DNS lookup and a private IP address database to breakdown site visitors geographically. Breakdowns by operating system and browser are also provided in this section
Access Statistics

Mach 5 Analyser ( Access Statistics indicates bandwidth, hits, page and visitor figures broken down by day, and hits further broken down per day of the week and hour of the day. You can view also lists of the most requested individual pages, files, images and directories. Similarly you can view lists of the least requested individual pages, files, images and directories. A crucial feature is the ability to track the usage of any particular page, file or group of pages or files. This is achieved by defining an analysis project profile before generating the report.
Referrer Information

Mach 5 Analyser ( Referrer Information lists the most common referring domains and referring pages, the most linked-to pages on your site and the referrer. The most common referrers will normally be search engines and their performance is covered separately, along with lists of the most common keywords and phrases that led visitors through your web site.
Technical Information

Mach 5 Analyser ( Technical Information lists any requests that are generating errors. The most likely are the common “404 errors” indicating missing pages or page elements. These are usually the result of mistyped links (or out of date cached versions of the web site) and Mach5 Analyser provides a list of 404 error page referrers.
Gold Version

The “Gold Version” of Mach5 Analyser provides an additional category of statistics, “Site Stickiness”. This provides lists of those pages that most users arrive at and leave from, together with in-depth analysis of length of stay, number of page views per session, number of sessions per user and so on. In addition, it offers the ability to add tags to the “Hyperlink TreeView” to monitor the percentage of visitors that visit a particular resource, or enter on a particular page, or from a particular referrer for node in the view.

Mach5 Analyser is available in three variations. A free, introductory version, which is limited to 5,000 lines, a Regular version for $99 and a Gold version for $199, which adds a number of in-depth capabilities such as the ability to export reports in HTML format.

In association with Mach5 Analyser, is able to offer a 10% price reduction on the price of the Regular or Gold version. Simply “click” on the graphic below to go to the Mach5 download page and obtain a 10% price discount!

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