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AXIS Corridoor Format
Gives you the right perspective
In many surveillance situations you want to monitor an area that is more vertical than horizontal in shape. This includes staircases, hallways, aisles, roads, runways, tunnels, and many other applications. In these situations, the traditional landscape format is not the optimal solution since it creates video streams where a large part of the field of view – specifically the sides of the image – is redundant. In turn, this means that the image quality is not maximized because the full area and resolution of the camera’s image sensor is not utilized. In the process, bandwidth and storage is also wasted.

Axis Three Corridoor Sceens

Axis’ unique and simple solution to this problem is the Corridor Format. The new format allows you to get a vertically oriented, "portrait"-shaped video stream from the camera. The video is adapted perfectly to the monitored area, maximizing image quality while eliminating bandwidth and storage waste. Axis’ Corridor Format is even more useful for modern HDTV network cameras that deliver a 16:9 aspect ratio since the resulting image will have a 9:16 aspect ratio – just the right thing for narrow corridors, hallways or aisles.

How the format is achieved
First, either the entire Axis camera is installed sideways, or the unique 3-axis lens found in an Axis fixed dome camera is rotated 90 degrees during mounting. Second, the video image is rotated back 90 degrees using the camera’s configuration interface – a feature that requires superior processing power and is unique to Axis network cameras – so that the operator can view image as it was meant to be seen.
Axis Retail Corridoor

Turn the CameraRotate the View

The result is a high-quality, vertically oriented video stream that is optimized for this type of application. The majority of Axis’ fixed network IP-cameras support Axis Corridor Format.
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