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AXIS 247S Network Video Server
A Typical Installation

  • Connect and power an analogue camera with the Axis 247S Video Server.
  • Connect a microphone or line-in device, enabling users not only to view, but also listen in on an area.
  • Connect devices e.g. a light and PIR sensor to Axis 247S, turn on the light and start recording video at an alarm.
  • Facilitate the installation by powering the video servers and cameras via a Power over Ethernet-enabled switch. Optionally secure the system with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
  • Monitor, record and play back video using a PC with video management software.
  • Monitor the cameras remotely over the WAN or Internet network using a standard PC.

AXIS 247S Network Video Server

  • Compact, single channel video server
  • Powered over Ethernet with power out for the camera
  • High quality, de-interlaced video
  • Audio support
  • Powerful event management

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[Find out more...] Axis 247S "Technical Data Sheet", 1.06 MB pdf file.

[Find out more...] Axis 247S "Installation Guide", 1.01 MB pdf file.

[Find out more...] Axis 247S Video Server "User's Manual", 1.85 MB pdf file.

[Find out more...] Setting Up an IP-Surveillance System", 3.14 MB pdf file.

[Find out more...] Axis Media "User's Manual", 628kB pdf file.

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