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Help on the installation of an Axis Network Camera on an IP-Network.
A (Free !) software solution for the simultaneous viewing and recording of high-quality H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG video from a single surveillance camera.
Offers Windows PC users all the necessary video recording and monitoring functions for security surveillance for up to 50 cameras/video servers per installation
A powerful and efficient installation and management tool for use with Axis video products
The syntax of the commands.
Light levels and reflectances in typical environments.
Digital cameras use image compression.
The range of lighting from bright sunlight to clear starlight is 109:1 (100,000,000):1.
A calculator to help you determine the bandwidth your network camera will use, based on the image size and frame rate.
The Axis implementation of the MPEG-4 image compression standard follows the ISO/IEC 14496-2 standard.
Axis video products carry a 3-year or 1-year warranty.
Infrared is invisible to the human eye but can be detected by a monochrome camera. It lies approximately between 700nm and 1000nm (1 micron).
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  AXIS 233D PTZ Dome Network IP Camera
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

The Axis 233D has 128x wide dynamic range, maintaining contrast to ensure high-quality video and detailed images even in very complex lighting conditions, such as bright sun, sharp backlight or shaded areas.
Axis 233D Conventional camera
  AXIS 233D PTZ Dome Network IP Camera
Progressive scan

With traditional interlaced scanning NTSC/PAL techniques, every image consists of two frames that are captured after each other and merged together. This results in degraded quality when freezing the image in recorded video. The Axis 233D uses progressive scan, capturing the full image at the same moment, which provides non-distorted, superior quality images with drastically reduced motion blur.
Axis 233D Conventional camera
  AXIS 233D PTZ Dome Network IP Camera
Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS)

EIS reduces the effect of vibration caused by traffic or wind, giving sharper images. This feature is especially useful when the Axis 233D is installed in places subject to shaking or vibration, such as on a pole or close to a highway with heavy traffic.
Axis 233D Conventional camera
  AXIS 233D PTZ Dome Network IP Camera
Area Zoom

The Axis 233D can simply and quickly pan, tilt and zoom to any desired part of a monitored scene. Mark an area and the Axis 233D will immediately zoom in to show a detailed view of that area.

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